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Cert-IT certifies educational institutes and programs as defined by AZAV

Cert-IT certifies training institutes and all their continuing education programs. This type of certification has been made a prerequisite for the education voucher sponsored by the German Employment Agency, JobCenter and the Argen on 1 January 2006.

Earlier on 6 June 2005 the Cert-IT GmbH was authorized by the German Federal Employment Agency to verify, in accordance with AZAV certification regulations for further education, educational institutes and their professional development programs. This makes Cert-IT one of the first to be able to supply this type of certification in the Federal Republic of Germany. In this sense Cert-IT provides for competition, transparency and quality in employment policy funding to the benefit of job seekers, employers and the public sector.

Training institutes that have a certified quality assurance system, consistent with ISO 9001, LQW, EFQM, BQM and other norms, can expect to expend less in the way of examination-related effort and subsequent costs.

Defined requirements

Educational institutes are expected to meet the following requirements as defined by the AZAV certification regulations for further education:

Requirements to be fulfilled by the institute

  • Ability to perform the service
  • Due consideration of current job market situation and development
  • Director and teaching staff must have the necessary professional experience, training and further education
  • Implementation of an appropriate quality assurance system


Requirements to be fulfilled for training program certification

  • Precise description of program
  • Awareness of current job market situation and development
  • Appropriate teaching organization
  • Meet the principles of sound financial management and economy

Examination criteria for the requirements listed above follow our examination regulations and those recommended by the German Federal Employment Agency. A precise description is accessible from our download page under "AZWV/AZAV".

Certification procedure

Cert-IT examines and certifies institutes and conducts training programs for qualification.

Cert-IT also offers a special and cost-effective combination of certification for both.

Overview: The most important steps towards certification as defined by AZAV 

  • We will put together a personalized offer for your AZAV/AZWV defined certification.
  • You fill out the application and compile the necessary documents.
  • We check the submitted documents (through our team of auditors).
  • Our auditors make an on-site evaluation of your institute.
  • We create a report (carried out by our auditors).
  • We have our certification board verify your certification process.
  • We prepare the AZWV/AZAV certificate.


For a personalized offer for your certification in accordance with AZWV/AZAV you will have to provide the following information:

  • Type of certification required (institute/program/combined certification)
  • Number and locations of sites to be certified
  • Number of employees located at sites
  • Number of training courses, educational field, how long the program will take and where the training will take place